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Datum bericht : 09-01-2021
  • "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare
  • Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum.

 "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare. Every child is cared for in an individualized and loving way. Femke, the owner and carer, pays careful attention to the character and interests of each child, treating her/him as a unique person and providing the nurturing environment for the child to thrive. From the moment we put our feet in Spet en Spat for the first visit, we knew this was the right place for our child. Our daughter grew and thrived in a wonderful in way during the couple of years she played at Spet en Spat before starting school. Thanks to Femke's personalized care, children, whose mother tongue is not Dutch, learn the language in a way that they have a smooth transition to school. Our daughter now attends a Dutch school having no problem at all to communicate with her teacher and classmates. We are very grateful to Femke and highly recommend Spet en Spat. Vicky and Lorenzo

Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum. She was lost in the middle of a jungle and she did not enjoy specially that atmosphere. Also, we expected that the peuter time were a help for learning Dutch. After two weeks I saw that our wishes for Chantal could not be for real in that place so we decided to change to another peuter. Luckily we knew other family that took her daughter to spet en spat so we decided call Femke.For the first time Chantal was not lost anymore because Femke has the training, the experience and the perfect ratio children-teacher to know well each kid. She takes time to conect with Chantal and to know how she can work with Chantal.  She stimulates each children at the same time that she teachs Dutch in a way that the children learn naturally. Besides, Femke is loving and respectful, you can see that the children love her and, of course, the parents love Femke :)Femke has created a bubble in spet en spat where the children can develop safety surrounded by work of art in the walls, clasic music, books, Wood toys, puzzles, costumes… with the Femke touch.We just have good thoughts for spet en spat.Cisco&Maria 


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Peuteropvang Spet & Spat
Sint Pieterstraat 6
6211 JN, Maastricht
(ingang in de Tafelstraat)
Telefoon : 06 83272702
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Toddler care Spet en Spat closed three weeks in the summer holiday

  • "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare
  • Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum.