A characteristic toddler shelter with:

  • Always permanent management, an HBO pedagogical staff member.
  • Awareness raising, strong pedagogical vision, artistic activities in which guests are used with their own expertise, creative and expressive are important spearheads.


Are you looking for small-scale toddler care in Maastricht where a lot of attention is paid to your child, where not the method but the child is the protagonist, where no preschool tests are taken but there is plenty of room for discovering and doing. Where creativity and expressiveness are of paramount importance, where your child feels heard and seen. Then Kindergarten Spet and Spat is a toddler shelter for you.

The child possesses a hundred languages (talents) with which it can express itself in sound, movement, color, painting, building and modeling and so much more. Our pedagogical member help your child to explore and further develop those hundred languages with a wide range of materials and activities such as music, dance and movement. They support this with language, because language deepens and gives a grip on the world around you.


IMG_1420 kopieSpet and Spat was set up by Femke Kriens. With her own toddler daycare a dream has been fulfilled for her. Femke has years of experience in working with the young child in various nurseries and a kindergarten in Maastricht. Because of her creative background, she has always placed great value on creative and expressive activities. In addition, she has developed a great interest in the pedagogical foundation. She has enriched her knowledge in this area with a completed HBO Pedagogy course. You will find all these insights and experience in pedagogical policy.

Femke Is supported by a backguard, she can assist during possible calamities, has worked as a kindergarten teacher herself and therefore has a lot of experience in working with children. He can also share his experiences with employees of BSO's tree house in Maastricht. 

When you want to read the inspection report, look at the dutch page Pedagogiek and scroll down.

The privacystatement, contact us, info@spetenspat.nl 




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Peuteropvang Spet & Spat
Sint Pieterstraat 6
6211 JN, Maastricht
(ingang in de Tafelstraat)
Telefoon : 06 83272702
E-mail : info@spetenspat.nl

Toddler care Spet en Spat closed three weeks in the summer holiday

  • "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare
  • Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum.