Every child can be there as it is, is given the opportunity to grow and is professionally supervised. This out of respect and loving attention so that the child feels taken seriously.

Creativity and space for expressiveness, think of crafts, drawing, music, movement and role play. But also inventiveness, letting children come into contact with other and new solutions "look, you can also build with it".


Bye bye koeienvlaai! Making "crazy" sounds with the children, guessing songs, portraying animals, listening to a story; from the awareness that everything is "language", I consciously use language during play.

"Thanks to Femke's personalized care, children, whose mother tongue is not Dutch, learn the language in a way that they have a smooth transition to school. Our daughter now attends a Dutch school having no problem at all to communicate with her teacher and classmates. We are very grateful to Femke and highly recommend Spet en Spat". 

The small scale entails greater solidarity between the children and increases parental involvement. Helps to give all children attention during the group event but also individually.

"The teacher takes a good look at the children and responds accordingly".

This connection is also strengthened by parent-child activities.


Flexibility; Would you like to let your child play for an hour longer, or have lunch once, just ask. Thinking along to come together to a shelter option that helps support in your logistics.

"With Spet and Spat everything can be discussed and Femke is flexible and likes to think along. Furthermore, the children follow a program that is well thought out and they learn a lot through play. I recommend Spet and Spat".

Femke Kriens

Setting up Spet en Spat Kindergarten is for me; Femke Kriens a dream come true. This after years of experience in working with the young child in various daycare centers and a playgroup in Maastricht. Because of my creative background I like to do creative and expressive activities, one boy said "Femke is the best reading teacher". In addition, I have gained a multitude of pedagogical knowledge through the HBO education Pedagogy and various refresher courses, and I disseminate this during my work.

I want to be there for the children with a warm and loving treatment. Children may play. Where I follow them, where I look at their talent. That is why I enjoy working on a small scale so much, I can respond very easily to whatever arises.

" Besides, Femke is loving and respectful, you can see that the children love her and, of course, the parents love Femke :)Femke has created a bubble in spet en spat where the children can develop safety surrounded by work of art in the walls, classic music, books, Wood toys, puzzles, costumes… with the Femke touch. We just have good thoughts for Spet and Spat".


                               Spet and Spat small and fine 

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Peuteropvang Spet & Spat
Sint Pieterstraat 6
6211 JN, Maastricht
(ingang in de Tafelstraat)
Telefoon : 06 83272702
E-mail : info@spetenspat.nl
  • "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare
  • Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum.