General info

1. Address, Childcare Spet and Spat


St. Pieterstraat 6
6211 JN Maastricht
Note: for the Peuterspeelzaal entrance Tafelstraat

Reachable via

Phone number: 06-83272702

Company details:

• Chamber of Commerce number: 66437806

• Register number: 267664205

2. Opening hours

From Monday to Friday every morning from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

Do you want flexible care; come earlier and or pick up later, let us know, we will then look together at the possibilities.
You only pay for the hours you purchase. (When you pay on VVE terms go to piont 6 rates). On Tuesday en Thursday is it possible to stay until 18.00.

3. Daily schedule

8.00 uur Opening, welkom en afscheid nemen
tot 9.00 uur Inlooptijd
8.45 uur Opruimen om op tijd in de kring te kunnen zitten
9.00 uur Kring, tijd om te (leren) delen, wat wil een kind vertellen,wat houdt het bezig?
9.30 uur Gezamenlijke activiteit die de inleiding van het thema vormt
10.00 uur Zingen (of een andere korte activiteit), fruit eten
10.30 uur Verschonen 
11.00 uur Naar buiten
12.00 uur Naar huis, dag en tot ziens

This schedule can be vary depending on what time most children arive and leave the daycare. This daily schedule is made visible by means of pictograms to the children, i can show them in the circle, during the eating of the fruit or at a time when a child no longer knows what will happen.
* When it is nesessary i will ofcourse chance earlier.

4. Closing days

In consultation with the Parents Committee, it will be decided whether, and which weeks, the toddler care will be closed in the summer months. This is made known on the information board in the hall and the news section on the website.


Closing days peuteropvang Spet en Spat 2020

Wettelijke feestdagen 2020

Nieuwjaarsdag Woensdag 1 januari
2e Paasdag Maandag 13 april
Koningsdag Maandag 27 april
Hemelvaartsdag Donderdag 21 mei
2e Pinksterdag Maandag 1 juni
1e Kerstdag Vrijdag 25 december

 5. Registration and placement

You can sign up by telephone or via the contact form on the website. We will contact you for an intake. On the intake form you can indicate on which parts of the day you would like to place your child.
The final placement is determined by the placement contract. Age children from 1.5 to 4 years. Days on which children can come whole days are: Tuesday and Thursday.

6. Rates

See also supplements / contribution to the costs

For a whole day part from 8.00 to 12.00 you pay in 2020 € 31,00, when you take a different number of hours, then you pay  in  € 7,75 per hour. For example you are coming from 9.00 til 11.00 you will be paying for two hours, that would be € 15,50. This price per hour is the price when you can get mony from the tax office. When one of the parents is not working and your income is not that high I could decide to let you pay € 5,00 per hour. This is after a converstion with the owner of Spet en Spat.

Voorwaarden plaasting en facturering afgenomen uren

7. Information provision

Information about the children will be given to parents during the pick-up and drop-off times. A wallplate with information about the day hangs in the living room. The child rules can also be found here. These rules are clarified on the basis of pictograms and discussed with the children in the circle. Furthermore, there is an annual opportunity for parent conversations.

You can read up-to-date information on the website of peuteropvang Spet and Spat and can also be found on the information panel in the hall and via facebook Spet and Spat.

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Peuteropvang Spet & Spat
Sint Pieterstraat 6
6211 JN, Maastricht
(ingang in de Tafelstraat)
Telefoon : 06 83272702
E-mail :

Toddler care Spet en Spat closed three weeks in the summer holiday

  • "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare
  • Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum.