1.  The period to get used.

In the initial period, children and parents / carers are introduced to Toddler Care Spat and Spat. Then the foundation is laid for the well-being of the child at toddler care. If the child starts to feel more comfortable in the period of time, parents can leave their child with Spet and Spet with peace of mind. As a parent, you can indicate during the intake interview what you find important in the period of the wen.

The pedagogical staff member can indicate what the possibilities are.

This way you can stay with your child the first few times and participate. In the beginning the entire part of the day and later for a shorter moment. The child then learns that his mom or dad always comes back. Ultimately, the child is a full-day part without a parent, where the pedagogical staff member can, if necessary, decide to call you as a parent in the course of the morning.

As a parent you can always contact yourself. In this way, the child and you, step by step, become more and more familiar with staying in Spat and Spat Toddler Care.

2. Parent participation and Parent commission

Toddler care Spet and Spat wants to work with the parents to build a constructive cooperation that contributes to the continued development of the policy and supports the critical capacity of the organization and employee (s).

Parent participation

Toddler Care Spet and Spat considers it important that parents can participate in the daily routine within the playgroup by providing hand and span services, such as helping with outings, festive events at the playgroup, or doing small jobs. This contributes to the mutual involvement between the pedagogical staff member (s) and the parents. Moreover, it is a nice support for the pedagogical staff member (s). Our you can choose to be a member of the Parent Committee, than you have the right to

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Toddler care Spet en Spat closed three weeks in the summer holiday

  • "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare
  • Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum.