"The child has a hundred languages,
a hundred hands,
a hundred thoughts,
a hundred ways of thinking, of speaking. "

From the poem "Certainly, the hundred is there!" by Loris Malaguzzi (one of the founders of Reggio Emilia)

1. Starting points

Childcare Spet and Spat is for parents of children who believe in a pedagogy in which creativity is an important part of the play and supply of material. Creativity, in the sense of a self-dissolving way of thinking, leading to new actions, actions and new insights. That idea forms the starting point for pedagogical policy. Manual labor or tinkering can be a way to stimulate creativity. But creativity is also a solution itself. For example, in case of a missing part of an object, think for yourself how or with which you could replace it.

These starting points are derived from the Reggio-Emilia method which is based on the pedagogy of Loris Malaguzzi. The so-called studio has an important function here. This is a place where creativity is stimulated. As a competent creative therapist in visual forms Femke Kriens has learned to follow a process without leading the end result. Skills that are important to fulfill the role of atelierista.

The studio also plays a role in the Early Childhood Education (VVE) method Playing fun that is leading at many Kind Centers. The difference is that the theme, activities and implementation are determined by the method. This leaves little room for your own creativity. At Childcare Spet and Spat the child is the protagonist just like Loris Malaguzi sees it. He sketches a powerfully competent child who shows interest in the world around him. The adults follow this search with interest and use mature competences to enrich and deepen the track together with the children.

According to Malaguzzi, the child possesses over a hundred languages ​​(talents) with which it can express itself in sound, movement, color, painting, building, modeling and so much more. Playgroup Spet en Spat offers space to explore and further develop 100 languages ​​with a wide range of material and activities such as music, dance and movement.

Toddler care Spet and Spat therefore offers no VVE (and no test) as prescribed by the municipality, but follows the track of the child where there is more room for personal interpretation and creativity. The Reggio Emillia method that places the child at number one responds to this. This is also important for the intrinsic motivation of the child. The child learns differently if it is imposed from the outside.

In the approach of Spet and Spat, an inventory is first made of the interest of the children. For example, during the circle moment, a theme that lives with the children can be played out or a different work form can be chosen to deepen this. This can take place jointly or in free play.

In this way the children go on a voyage of discovery together with the pedagogical assistant.

2. Summary [1]

Playgroup Spet and Spat strives to be a place where children and parents feel at home. The children are key players, not the method. Their discovery tour is the guideline for the pedagogical staff member. Based on what she sees and hears, she creates opportunities for the children to take next steps in their discovery.

Stimulating creativity is an important aspect in the development of the child. Creative thinking gives children tools for this. The child is a competent child who initially learns from other children [2] (the first pedagogue). Feeling relationships is therefore important. The pedagogical assistant helps deepen the children, she is the second pedagogue. The space at the playgroup is arranged in such a way that it invites to explore, discover and experience (the third pedagogue).

There is a rich offer of possibilities to further enrich the hundred languages ​​that a child speaks. The children can thus become acquainted with various materials and also with expressive forms of work such as drama, dance, movement and music.

The pedagogical staff member himself has broad interests. She can stimulate language development by, among other things, expressing the experiences and experiences of the children. The language that children learn so playfully supports discovery and with that also thinking. These facets together make that children get to know the world around them better and therefore develop their own identity, in confrontation with their environment.

Parents are of essential importance to children. Parents receive plenty of attention in Parental Care Spet and Spat. During the pick-up and drop-off moments there is an opportunity to speak to parents and parents can also view the documentation.

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